between the two fed teams, won by Spain, earned the european championship gold for the second time in a row.

Particularly well played was the final not. There was both Spain and hårdtkæmpende Croatia for the brand of the hard program at the finals.

of course, that Denmark would have been among the last four teams in the finaleweekenden in Stockholm, but it was, as you know, not go. With a 13. space is a historical bad Danish result.

Some might continue to argue that Denmark was a victim of the new EM-format where only two teams went forward from the initial group stage.

is a farfetched explanation. The truth is rather, that the players never reached the same degree of motivation, as we saw during the WORLD cup a year ago.

And now it’s not because Nikolaj Jacobsen had not warned his squad that EM could be over, almost before it was begun, if not the task was taken seriously.

a song, he repeated time and time again in the days leading up to the first match against Iceland. But just a little, it helped, and when it was to be resolved against Hungary in the second match, lacked leadership on the pitch.

I missed in the degree that the experienced players took the hand on the case, but it never happened.

missed in the further course, where Iceland and Hungary, as expected, ran out of forces, and therefore not really be able to interfere in the match to reach the semi-finals.

That would be Denmark with a larger width could have made a better impression. If, therefore, the motivation had been present.

was a lesson and a reminder that jævnbyrdigheden in european handball is so great that it required a 100 per cent effort in every match.

There are both good and bad to say about the new format. The hard separation in the initial group stage does virtually all the matches for the finals. It is a positive one. Conversely, were the final matches in the mellemrunden a lackluster affair, because semifinaleholdene was already found in the penultimate round. It was negative.

also need to round the hard fixtures. The Norwegian bronzevindere had in the final phase of four games in five days.

It is unfair for both players and for the game. It’s all about the money, but the EHF is going to have in the future to prolong the tournament, so that there will be a day of rest between matches. Everything else is ruthlessly.

in time, I had looked forward to a finale between Denmark and Spain. The battle we got so never. But it can get to the OLYMPICS, which will be the next big challenge for the Danish national team.

Here Nikolaj Jacobsen have to sacrifice one or two of the older and experienced players in order to restore the dynamics in the squad. Jacob Holm, Lasse Møller and Lasse Andersson are types that can create new life in the cloths.

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