In 2018 tinted Troels Hymøller from Skjern to appear on the screen in the ‘Farmer looking for love’ on TV2.

Here ended up he together with the smiling Nadine Jansen, but even though the two continued to be seen, after the cameras turned off, they chose to stop the relationship a month and a half after, since they felt they fitted together.

Since then, we have the genset Troels on the screen in ‘Ex on the Beach’ on Channel 4, but here he managed not to find the only one.

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It turns out, however, now that Peter has got himself a cute girlfriend.

– It goes really well. There have been many new things in my life at the last. First, I have got several cows on the farm, I have bought a new car, and so I have given my old bike to a buddy and even bought a new one. In addition, I had 1. december officially a girlfriend, telling the 27-year-old Troels to Ekstra Bladet.

We met each other in the summer at the foodfestival in Aarhus. I gave out samples, and then she came over along with his sister, and the next day she wrote so to me on Instagram, if I wanted to meet and go for a walk. We did so a few days later, and so it went really away, he explains, and continues:

Robert has just been with her boyfriend Camilla on skiing holidays with her family. Private.

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She pressed a little in that we had to take it to the next step, and I asked her if we should be boyfriends 1. december. It is an easy day to remember. So it’s not so crazy, we have it good together.

– her name is Camilla, 26 years old, live in an apartment in Aarhus and studying to be a midwife in Aalborg. However, she is also very much with me, and at one point I think that we should move in together, he elaborates.

Mike currently busy on the farm, so it is most often Camilla, who is visiting him in Skjern. Photo: Anders Brohus / TV2

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