MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): Piotr She the temper of the beat on Thursday morning (australian time) sparks, while he with his mobile showed off a billedmosaik from the Danish Tennis Federation (DTF), and their Instagram account, which this year celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

There was a number of large names, as he could not get the spot, and that was the spark that ignited years of frustration over connected, if the leadership he bluntly calls ’100 percent amateurs’, and which he accuses of manipulating the truth.

– Where is Kurt Nielsen, Jan Leschly, Kristian Statements and Caroline? How many Top 100 players has had?

he Asks, and continues:

– perhaps you will say that it is randomly selected images, but I see it as a provocation. I feel provoked. They must show who has represented Denmark on the international stage, says Piotr Wozniacki, who from caroline’s childhood had an extremely strained relationship with the changing, Danish tennisledere.

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We fill in the 100 years, and we want to celebrate with you! Share your cool tennisbillede with us at #dtf100 – so is In with the running for prizes such as tennis balls, Davis Cup tickets and other goodies. We will announce a winner every month Link in the bio’a

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– They provoked me from the very beginning of caroline’s career. They would constantly do it their way. We went our own way. Caroline’s career has been the answer.

For the explanation, it must be said, however, that billedversionen at the Danish Tennis Association-instagram-posts are cut to. The whole billedemosaikken you can see on the federation’s website here, and here is Caroline Wozniacki with in the upper left corner.

Piotr and Caroline left quickly the Danish tennis-the duck pond to get her career up to stand. Photo: Roger Parker
One thing that has nagged him for years, is that many danes have been of the opinion that he and Caroline got a lot of støttekroner from DTF and Team Denmark, and the – roughly speaking – just left Denmark and feathered their own nests.

A ’truth’, the DTF in the Piotr She eyes never have done anything to correct.

– They never wanted to talk or discuss with me. Never. Two-three times I have tried to get a meeting with them in Idrætshuset in Brøndby, then Johan Sjögren was the team he will play.

– the helped so many untrue stories on caroline’s behalf. Her sponsors were angered and asked why the dog had to sponsor Caroline, when now the French Tennis Federation spent so much money on her.

– But it was false information, he says emphatically and rewind back to the years in Farum, where the DTF’s elite centre was housed.

– The only thing that has helped Caroline, Peter Brixtofte (the Community’s former mayor, ed.). He helped her to Farum (with the occasion, ed.), and he asked the courses available for Elitecenteret, where Caroline trained.

– It was Brixtofte, who used the economy on it. Caroline received the support of Farum municipality, from me and from the sponsors. That was it.

I paid even to have Mikkel Nørby as an individual coach for Caroline. Often they would not even let him and Caroline work out on the Elitecenteret.

– I would meet with them to get the correct information out. There was tampered with the truth.

– I have again and again said to them: ’Show me documents, show me the documentation on what you have spent money on Caroline’. The never came. Never. So I was very provoked.

Holger Rune was just recently named to this Year’s Fund, but the money he and Clara and their families pretty much even find. Photo: Jens Hartmann Schmidt
At the moment, the Danish tennis over two very big talents in Clara Tauson and Holger Rune, and Piotr Wozniacki is appalled by the fact that they in his eyes have ended up in the same situation.

– It is the same way, the thinking of today. You hear the same thing from Robert and clara’s parents. They are also allowed to clear it yourself. They are one hundred percent amateurs in the DTF.

Even has Piotr Wozniacki for many years been prepared to help Danish players forward, he says. And he has also done it – in his own way.

– How was I going to help Danish tennis with the know-how and the network, I’ve gotten over the years?

– They have never called me and asked if I would help some juniors to get into tournaments or take a chat with them. I have officially been open and pronounced it several times, but they have not come to me.

– I accept That, and now I’m completely indifferent. It is an individual sport, and if there is someone who can use something from our team, so we can help individually. Not through the DTF, which then can get a medal.

– There are several Danish players, who live abroad, as I have helped, if they have called me. I have advised them and got people to help them in the area where they live. It is very easy for me, because I know the people.

– So I would definitely like to help. But DTF has never communicated with me over the up to the OLYMPICS, where they have sent me some information.

– So now you close the door completely in comparison to DTF?

– Yes, I help like talents, but not those corresponding Piotr Wozniacki and return to the jubilæumsfejringen:

– I have seen how big Jan Leschly is at the US Open, and how many people he knows, and I have seen the same with Kurt Nielsen at Wimbledon. They must never do such a thing with the 100 year anniversary without to showcase the two bigwigs.

– It is embarrassing. And it is provocative.

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