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15. October requested the management of restaurantkæden Lêlê the company bankrupt, but sold shortly after the chain’s values to a new company. Back facing creditors with a claim of 9.7 million dollars in the estate, shows an overview from the curator of the values of the company, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of.

One of the creditors is a former director and co-owner of the company Jimi Høgh Danielsen, as the new Lêlê-company requires 336.000 crowns of, according to a statement from the curator.

The new company’s owners include, among others, the figurehead Anh Lê, who among other things is known as a cook in the ‘Go’ morgen Danmark’ on TV2, also Per Ulrik Andersen, who has been a millionaire at tøjvirksomheden Samsøe & Samsøe.

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Jimi Høgh Danielsen stopped as a director of the Lêlê 7. august, and by the bankruptcy, his ownership interest of ten percent worthless.

He was not invited over to the new company, he told 17. October to Ekstra Bladet.

– I must say that it is a surprise to me that the company goes bankrupt, and has started a new without me. I’m also surprised to see even a chain of restaurants, which just put the bills in the old and starting something new. It comes up behind me, said Jimi Høgh Danielsen.

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Among other things because of its now worthless stake, he demands 1.7 million dollars of the estate, he says. He does not want to comment on what the requirement of the 336.000 million from the new company against him involves.

– It is correct that there is raised a claim against me, but I have to dispute it, and it is now a matter between me and curator. At the present time, I wish therefore not to comment further, saying Jimi Høgh Danielsen.

Curator Piya Mukherjee also do not want to disclose what they 336.000 crowns covers. On Wednesday indicated that she did not know what the claim against Jimi Høgh Danielsen contained.

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Whether she has since been enlightened about why, among other things Anh Lê and the new co-owner Per Ulrik Andersen, believes to have 336.000 crowns by Jimi Høgh Danielsen, she would Saturday not answer.

Also, Per Ulrik Andersen and Anh Lê returned via their press bureau house of the past, when it comes to explaining why the new company requires 336.000 crowns of the former director. They do not want to comment on the pending case, sounds.

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In the big picture is the claim against Jimi Høgh Danielsen, however, is remarkable. It is only possible for the administrator to find values for 856.154 crowns in the bankruptcy estate and creditors and is therefore to be had to wave goodbye to 8.885.490 crowns.