30 minutes.

It was all the chinese consumers need to spend to buy the product on the chinese internetgigant Alibaba.com for 67 billion dollars.

Since 11. november 2009, the chinese have celebrated Singles Day, there is an early version of what we in the west know as Black Friday. And it can go absolutely crazy

the Event was celebrated with a big gala show and a countdown on Sunday evening in Shanghai, where, among other things superstar Taylor Swift gave a concert.

After Monday’s first 12 hours in China, Alibaba has sold for about 27,4 billion dollars. Last year was the total amount after a day of 30.7 billion u.s. dollars.

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Taylor Swift gave the gas in Shanghai on Sunday evening. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

When the clock struck 00.00 started the party in earnest, and so was that otherwise the skinned product from the virtual shelves of the internet.

In just a minute and eight seconds, it was sold 6.7 billion dollars, and it could only do that because people already sat ready to press the bell just after midnight.

After half an hour there were sold for 67 million dollars, while it took an hour and a half to sell for 110 billion according to Bloomberg.

Last year sold Alibaba products for an amount equivalent to a little over 200 billion Danish kroner, the 11. november.

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Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

It is unclear how singledagen occurred. But one tale says that it was four young people you accept single men in university in Nanjing, who was to use the date 11.11 to celebrate the fact that they were single. Away should the idea have spread.

Also more companies here at home have taken the day to themselves and have just as chinese companies have found out that the markup can be a good business.

It tells Henrik Hyltoft, marketing director for trade at the confederation of Danish Industries.

– Singledag is still a relatively new phenomenon in Denmark. It will say that the day still not have it quite large scale, as for example Black Friday.

– But we expect that it is a day, there will be still stronger marked. And we can see that there are several chains that have taken the day to himself and announces the good deals, ” says Henrik Hyltoft.

In Denmark, there are good opportunities for that Singles Day will become more prevalent.

– the Potential is well in fact in roughly the same size as Black Friday.

– the Danes are really happy tilbudsjagt, and both Black Friday and Singles Day is characterized by the fact that there are a number of good deals, consumers then go out and spend time chasing.

– So, on the way, it fits really well to the Danish tilbudskultur, says Henrik Hyltoft.

Although people in Denmark are happy for a good offer, it doesn’t mean that days like Singles Day and Black Friday, which are traded in great style, sending the consumption in the weather.

– the Danes ‘ consumption are, in general, stagnant, when we look at the retail industry. So on the way there is no question of a consumption celebration, but rather of moving consumption around, says Henrik Hyltoft.

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix