The man who fell off the rocks into the raging waters of the Poestenkill Gorge has been yet to be found or identified, Troy Fire Chief Tom Garrett said.

Garrett said that Troy police, who have been searching for the man since Saturday, are asking the public to contact the department if they know of a person who recently went missing.

“We don’t know his identity,” said Garrett. “Right now, no missing people have been reported.”

Meanwhile, the search for the man continued during the daylight hours for the man eyewitness saw fall from the shale above the gorge.

“We’ve been rotating crews all day long,” said Garrett. “The water is crazy turbulent and we still can’t send divers down. We have been only able to go into pools of water.”

On Sunday, teams searched the water’s edge down to the Hudson River. He said it is possible that the man is stuck under a ledge and won’t be found until divers can search the bottom of the gorge.

“We won’t give up until he is found,” Garrett said.

-Wendy Liberatore

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