The Ramon Llull University (URL) has positioned itself as the first university in Spain in the fields of Journalism and Communication, according to the prestigious CYD Ranking prepared by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD). This achievement consolidates Blanquerna-URL as one of the ten highest performing higher education institutions in Spain and the fifth within the Catalan university system.

The CYD ranking, which this year celebrates its tenth edition, evaluates both public and private universities and analyzes the results in various areas of knowledge. In the case of URL, the ranking has evaluated three areas taught at the institution: Political Science, in reference to the degree in International Relations, and Journalism and Communication, offered by the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Communication and International Relations. In addition, the field of Law, taught by the Esade-URL Law School, was evaluated.

Within the field of Journalism and Communication, the Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication, as well as the Master’s Degree in Advanced Journalism and Reporting, were valued. On the other hand, in the field of Political Science, the Degree in International Relations and the Master’s Degree in Political and Social Communication were taken into account.

The URL has stood out for its excellence in various indicators, obtaining a total of 20 high performance indicators and 9 medium performance indicators, placing it above the average of the universities evaluated. Especially noteworthy is the performance of the institution in the dimension of international orientation, where it has obtained the maximum performance in all the indicators evaluated, positioning itself as a leader in this area in Spain for the third consecutive year.

In the field of teaching and learning, the URL has obtained maximum and average performance in seven of the nine indicators evaluated, such as the graduation rate in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as the rate of performance and success in bachelor’s degrees. Regarding research, the university has achieved high performance in indicators such as external research funds received, the normalized impact of publications and highly cited publications.

As far as knowledge transfer is concerned, the URL has exceeded the average in indicators such as private funds, publications with companies and income from continuous training. Finally, in the dimension of contribution to regional development, the university has obtained maximum performance in the indicators of regional publications and publications with companies in the region.

The recognition obtained by Universitat Ramon Llull in the CYD Ranking reflects its commitment to academic excellence, the quality of teaching and international projection. The URL continues to consolidate itself as a leading institution in Spain and in the field of Journalism and Communication, highlighting its relevance in the training of highly trained professionals committed to society.