In a TikTok video posted by @cosadegatos.ok, a curious cat behavior that has baffled many pet owners is addressed: why do cats fight after apparently licking each other in an affectionate manner? This phenomenon, although it seems contradictory, has a logical explanation. 

The video explains that, at first, cats lick each other as a sign of affection and to strengthen their social bonds. However, this behavior also serves to establish hierarchies within their small social group. According to @cosadegatos.ok, a lick can be misinterpreted if it is too insistent or occurs in the wrong place, which can be seen as a challenge or a lack of respect for the other cat.

This abrupt change from a loving grooming session to a sudden fight may seem surprising, but it makes sense in the context of feline social dynamics. Cats use grooming not only to show affection, but also as a subtle form of negotiation of their hierarchical position.

Thus, what begins as a tender gesture can quickly transform into a small battle for leadership. The TikTok video has generated many comments from cat owners sharing similar experiences. 

One of the comments says: “He licks me and then bites me ????????”, while another wonders: “Does this apply when you make them affectionate? “My cat sometimes attacks my hand when I care for her.” Cats’ licking and then fighting behavior is not a sign that they dislike each other, but rather a form of communication and negotiation of hierarchies.