There are furry dogs that love to rub themselves in the sand on the beach, in a puddle of water or on the grass in the park. On many occasions, this behavior responds to a good reason: the dog wants to have fun, release energy and have a good time playing. 

The problem comes when our dog does not know how to distinguish between clean water and a good mud. And he ends up stained from head to paws, like what happened to Jake, a friendly golden retriever who was out for a walk in the park. 

As can be seen in several videos on his TikTok profile, the furry dog ​​loves going out to the park and playing on the grass. He doesn’t care if it rains or not. He doesn’t give up on having a romp on this surface. 

And that largely explains why the golden retriever rolled around in the accumulated mud one day, after a day of rain. To the regret of his human friend, the furry one rests peacefully lying in the mud and is stained up to his snout. 

“Have you seen this?” asks its owner, who assures that, as it is almost completely covered in brown mud, it looks more like a bear than a dog. 

The hilarious moment has caused dozens of comments among users of this social network. “I would like to see the bathroom after this,” says one. “I bet the car ride home was great,” adds another. “Well, let’s say that if I were the owner of that dog he would be crying,” another sympathizes. “‘I’m sure your parents are happy,’ jokes another.