No one lives here is one of the most popular series in Spanish culture. Released in 2003, it was about the lives of the inhabitants of a Madrid block, among which Concha, Vicenta and Marisa stood out, known for reporting on everything that happened in the building.

In addition to the gossip, these three ladies were passionate about cooking, and Iñaki Gastro has demonstrated this in his latest video. The chef has shared on his TikTok profile nothing less than the recipe for Vicenta’s croquettes, a classic.

Iñaki cooks the chopped ham with oil and butter, later adding sifted flour and milk. Once we have the delicious bechamel, it is necessary to add Vicenta’s secret ingredient: a splash of chicken broth.

After 24 hours in the refrigerator, all that remains is to shape them and pass them through flour, egg and breadcrumbs, following the traditional recipe for this Spanish dish: “The touch of chicken broth gives them a unique flavor.”

The video of this popular and endearing recipe has thousands of views and countless comments from Internet users: “in one chapter it says that the secret is a pick of nutmeg ????” says one user, while another points out: “ The Bethlehem lentils will be there, right? ????”.