A recent viral video on TikTok has captured the attention of Internet users by showing the surprising and fun dynamics of some workers in an asparagus factory.

The user @jesuus24aguilar has been in charge of publishing the video in which you can see the workers doing what they like most: singing a Camela classic. Quite a sensation on networks.

“This is what happens when @Camela plays at work ????????????????” says Jesús Aguilar on his TikTok profile, where he usually publishes various content.

The workers of a factory in Malaga have taken advantage of the campaign to sing a classic by the group Camela: ‘When love sets sail’, a hit that every Spaniard has sung at some point in their life.

Internet users have been surprised by this initiative on the part of the workers, showing them support on networks: “what brand are they? to buy that one and not another and support this factory”, “Please let Camela go give a concert at the factory” or “happy worker plus productivity…happy boss” are some of the most popular reactions.