If we are clear about one thing, it is that dogs are man’s best friends, coming to feel unconditional affection, love and loyalty for their owners; However, it is not worth it to interact exclusively with people.

To avoid triggering behavioral problems in the future, dogs must interact with other animals. This has been demonstrated by the profile of X @SoyVete, an animal lover, in his latest publication.

The account was happy to share a video of two neighboring dogs fulfilling a dream: being able to play whenever they want. As can be seen in the clip, both furry dogs tried to interact daily through the gaps in the garden, giving their owners a great idea: to build a mini door.

Thanks to the door located at the back of the garden, both furry dogs can access the neighbor’s house whenever they want. Quite a sensation on networks.

The video has thousands of views and all kinds of comments from Internet users, who have analyzed the families’ idea: “Those two are edible. And the one who made the little door, a crack!” points out one user, while another jokes: “We have to understand that they are children all their lives, they like to play a lot and we have to do everything possible so that they are happy for the short time they are with us.”