Horses are free-spirited beings that love to run through the countryside. This has been demonstrated by Taylor’s herd of horses, a young American who lost her animals once they decided to escape from her.

Taylor, far from standing by, decided to get to work and recover her horses as quickly as possible, using a very peculiar element: her bra.

“My horses ran away and I didn’t have a rope so I caught the leader with my bra,” says the young woman in a clip published on TikTok, where you can see one of her horses with the bra over its mane.

The video has thousands of views and all kinds of comments from Internet users, who have analyzed the young woman’s move: “they should use it in a commercial, resistance to herd horses, but comfortable so that it doesn’t hurt them,” she says. one user, while another jokes: “And to think that’s how they get you ????.”