We are the references of our pets. If we change rooms, they will probably come after us. If they see that we are getting ready to leave the house, they will not let go and will surely look sorry for us, because they can’t stand being alone.

Some animals even try to imitate our actions, such as the case of a cat who, every time she sees her owner talking on the phone, rushes over to say a few words. In his case, a few meows.

According to a video published on TikTok, the young woman pretended that she was talking on the phone so that the cat would come, when in reality she took control of the television. At that moment, she pretends that she is having a conversation with her mother.

Two seconds after starting, he already has the animal attached to his ear. She meows over and over, relentlessly. Laughing, she brings the fake phone to him and asks if she has anything to say. And the cat continues with her particular conversation. “She came out very talkative,” she jokes.

The funny scene has generated dozens of comments on this social network. “In another life he worked in a call center,” jokes one. “I would call you every day just to talk to your cat,” say others. “She always wants to talk,” most users agree. And some surrender to such tenderness: “They are the most beautiful meows I have ever heard.”