In the bowels of the Aragonese wine region of Somontano, located at the foot of the Pyrenees in Spain, lies LAUS, a name that has already resonated in the world of wine for its commitment to quality and innovation. Today, its LAUS Garnacha 2022 wine stands out as an exceptional example of what this winery can offer.

Specifically, the 2022 vintage has been rated excellent, a testament to the favorable climate and expert winemaking techniques that characterize the region and LAUS. This bottle of red wine, with a capacity of 75cl and an alcohol content of 14%, is a single-varietal Grenache, a grape that adapts wonderfully to the climate and soil of Somontano.

LAUS Garnacha 2022 presents itself in a vibrant ruby ​​red color, promising a rich and enveloping sensory experience. The aromas that emerge from this wine are predominantly sweet red fruits, with an intriguing background of smoky, vanilla and spices that add complexity and depth to its olfactory profile.

On the palate, the wine offers a soft attack, with sweet tannins that lead to a pleasant and fruity palate. The finish is long, leaving toasted nuances that invite you to continue tasting. This structure and balance make LAUS Garnacha 2022 an exceptionally harmonious and accessible wine.

Ideal to accompany meats and rice, this wine is best served at a temperature of 15ºC. Its versatility makes it perfect for both casual dining and more special occasions, where its character can complement a wide variety of dishes, from a roast beef to a robust risotto.

Founded in 2002, LAUS has been a project of passion and dedication. Located in a privileged environment, the winery has focused on the production of wines that reflect the unique terroir of Somontano. With a philosophy that emphasizes respect for nature and innovation in winemaking, LAUS has managed to stand out in the region and beyond.

The winery, designed to integrate harmoniously with its environment, uses sustainable practices to cultivate its vineyards and produce its wines, certified as a sustainable winery with the ECO-PROWINE seal. This is reflected not only in the quality of their products, but also in their commitment to the preservation of the landscape and biodiversity of Somontano.

LAUS Garnacha 2022 is more than a wine; It is an expression of the land of Somontano and the innovative spirit of LAUS. With every glass, an experience is offered that goes beyond the palate, inviting wine lovers to explore the rich history and promising future of this exceptional winery.

Thus, LAUS not only produces wines, but also cultivates a winemaking experience that will resonate with any wine aficionado seeking quality and authenticity in every bottle.

This wine is part of a new wine pack prepared by Gourmet La Vanguardia and which includes six proposals from La Vanguardia’s 2024 Wine Guide. You can find it at this link.