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Food shortages continue to be part of everyday life in Cuba and prices in private restaurants have skyrocketed. That does not prevent, as Camila Beraldi tells us in this report, the proliferation of gastronomic influencers who are dedicated to making reviews on social networks.

This is a recent phenomenon in a country where mobile internet arrived in 2018 and where private companies were allowed again three years ago, making the opening of new restaurants possible. A country where these foodies have Instagram and YouTube, but not Tik Tok, which is currently prohibited on the island.

– What about macrobiotics? Both those who practice it and those who observe macrobiotics with interest are surprised that a type of diet that proposes a series of practices aimed at improving health is called into question. Laura Conde explains to us here the reasons why it is part of the list that the Ministry of Health includes as pseudotherapies about which it warns.

– Spicy Cheetos. A film directed by Eva Longoria shows the story of how spicy Cheetos were born and conquered the palates of Americans. It is titled Flamin Hot, it is available on Disney and, according to data from Pepsico, owner of the brand since 1965, apparently the plot is less real than it appears. In this report Iker Morán details it for us.

– The city of natural wines. Sulfite-free wine establishments continue to proliferate in Barcelona, ​​consolidated for years as one of the capitals of natural wines. Yaiza Saiz offers us a route through some of the newest venues and others that have already become classics.

– Chuchu House. The mining basin area of ​​Asturias is experiencing an enviable gastronomic moment and the opening of restaurants such as Casa Chuchu, in Turón (very close to Mieres) is a clear example. In this case, as Joge Guitián tells us, it is also a reflection of the projection towards the future of classic cider houses.

– Leeks with vinaigrette. We love leeks for their delicacy and also soft vinaigrettes, like the one proposed by Ana Casanova in this simple and colorful recipe to which the bacon, mustard and toasted hazelnuts provide an interesting touch, as well as nutrients.