Each person is unique and, therefore, must discover the art of living in their own way. Also if we talk about celebrating. Because each moment will need a type of wine: white, red or rosé (or sparkling). Each palate will point to a preference for a Denomination of Origin: Rioja, Rueda, Rías Baixas… And each requirement will require a different category: from the most everyday to the most exceptional.

For this reason, Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres has been democratizing excellent quality wines for more than 50 years: so that you have the freedom to enjoy them your way. Your life, your rules. So that, whatever you like, you can brighten your day with an aperitif, having some tapas, enjoying delicious cuisine or in any place of leisure and relaxation. For example, the winery itself, which invites wine tourism.

In this “wine for everyone” that celebrates the uniqueness of each vintage, each moment and each person, not only the quality and prestige of a brand stand out, but also the fresh and modern touch. Today, innovative processes and the constant search for challenges are the key to improving the winery’s products. Those who make great professionals a reality, the fundamental soul behind the elaborations that give rise, year after year, to a repertoire of wines with high quality standards that respect the character of each grape and surprise in every glass.

“In addition to its red wines, Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres is a reference in whites and rosés that are so attractive in summer. It invites us to discover its white Verdejo, elegantly cut with its fragrance of white fruits and citrus notes. And what can we say about its Excellens Rosé, with a delicate pale color, very attractive with its floral notes and that delicious fresh and sweet mouthfeel. Let’s also enter the register of the semi-sweet Satinela, a white of beautiful vivacity that melts into the soft volume of a fresh and cheerful fruit, a floral explosion as reflected on its label. And what better drink than the Cava Marqués de Cáceres, an example of elegance, fine bubbles, round and sparkling,” proposes Cristina Forner, president of the winery.

There is the Genunina range, intended to celebrate the most everyday moments with essentials that never fail: the Marqués de Cáceres range (whites, rosé, reds, sparkling wines…) and Satinela. The Gourmet line is aimed at special occasions, a gastronomic option for unforgettable pairings that includes the Excellens Range (whites, rosés and reds) and the Deusa Nai albariño.

For wine lovers and the most exceptional moments, the Signature family offers iconic products of superior quality, expert and more refined flavors such as Gaudium, Generación MC or Antea. And Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres has a lot to say, above all, about its premium red wines. They come from plot selections with a large proportion of old vines with low yield and artisanal production. They are wines carefully cared for to enhance their identity, revealing intense aromas, a faithful expression of their origin and the volume of harmonious tannins.

“There is a magnificent trio that begins with the Excellens Cuvée, born in high-altitude vineyards that provide fresh fruit, elegant nuances and a long, sweet palate. Or the Generación MC, a young talent with a resounding character that treasures aromas, structure and the flavor of a delicious ripe fruit that melts into soft toasted notes,” details Fernando Costa, winemaker of the winery that in 2024 has once again been included in the list of the Top 100 Master Winemakers from the specialized magazine The Drinks Business. “And to finish this tasting, let’s delve into the icing on the cake of that rich repertoire. The superb Gaudium: a masterpiece that makes it great. It harmonizes structure and expression with elegant nuances and delicacy. It is faithful to its name, which comes from Latin: “joy, satisfaction, pleasure of the senses,” he adds.

Many times wine tourism experiences are the first meeting point to discover the world of wine, which is why Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres has a wide range of activities for those who want to visit its facilities in Cenicero (La Rioja). There, the winery has involved all its teams to create unforgettable experiences.

Through a guided tour, you will discover how the wines are made and you will be able to taste some of the best. Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres also offers special paired tastings with cheeses and chocolates for the most demanding palates and with its most gastronomic collection: the Excellens range. There is no shortage of tailored activities for companies or events. And the thing is, its Ágora Space – an old tool house refurbished for premium experiences – or the spectacular Crystal Hall serve as the setting for a good number of gastronomic wine tourism experiences.