Kate Winslet recently sat down for an interview with director Stephen Frears to discuss her role in the limited series “The Regime.” She plays Elena Vernham, a narcissistic European autocrat, in the political satire. During the interview, Winslet shared an anecdote about making her own tea, as Frears seemed unaware of where the cups were. This led to a discussion about how Elena should be portrayed, with Frears suggesting she should go big.

In “The Regime,” Winslet’s character, Elena, struggles to live up to her father’s reputation and faces challenges in governing her country. The show blends character drama with satire and received praise for Winslet’s performance. She prepared extensively for the role, speaking with experts about trauma and childhood experiences.

Winslet’s career has seen many turning points, from her breakout role in “Titanic” to her recent work in “Mare of Easttown.” She reflects on the challenges of fame and body-shaming she faced early in her career. Despite the pressures, Winslet has continued to take on risky and daring roles, always striving to push herself.

She touches on her relationship with director James Cameron, dispelling rumors of a feud and sharing her admiration for his work. Winslet also discusses the evolution of the film industry and the support she offers to younger actors, including her daughter Mia Threapleton.

Looking ahead, Winslet is considering a return to the stage and reflects on the challenges and rewards of her career. She shares her experiences working on “Lee,” a biographical film about war photographer Lee Miller, and the delays it faced. Despite setbacks, Winslet remains hopeful and determined to continue pushing her boundaries.

The interview showcases Winslet’s resilience, dedication to her craft, and willingness to take risks in her career. From her early struggles with fame to her current projects, she continues to evolve as an actress and producer. As she explores new opportunities and challenges, Winslet’s passion for storytelling and transformation shines through.