Starting the week on a Tuesday, after a long weekend (of course, for the luckiest ones), can be a bit difficult, especially to get used to the routine again. However, it became much more pleasant for passers-by who were at 1:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Universitat metro, right between L1 and L2. A girl with long hair and kind features, with a microphone and accompanied by a guitar, improvised a concert, leaving everyone who passed by surprised. The Córdoba native India Martínez amazed her Barcelona fans with a recital prior to the Alma Festival Barcelona, ​​which is held in the months of June and July. 

At first, only a small group of people surrounded the artist, while in the end no one wanted to miss the young woman’s melodies and songs, even if that meant arriving late for work. The spectators were very animated, most of them did not stop dancing and singing her best-known songs, however there were also moments for tears with 90 minutes. “A few years ago, for Christmas, I was walking with my family in Seville, when I saw a girl playing one of my songs in the street. Without thinking about it I started singing with her, because I remembered how difficult it is to start in the world of the music industry,” Martínez explained, “now singing on the subway is a kind of tribute to them.” 

The applause followed each song and became part of the ritual that did not let the artist go, “this time is the last,” she said with a laugh. “I like to get out of my comfort zone, just as I can fill a concert with thousands of people, I also really enjoy doing small concerts, meeting people face to face. These are things that music gives you and I take advantage of them,” indicated the singer, who will perform on July 12 at the Alma Festival. 

The climax came with 5 Sentios, a song that he originally sang with Andy Rivera. The station became a party, even the security guards approached, amused by such a spectacle. “In a matter of weeks a preview of the new album will be released, I really want people to hear it,” said Martínez. Before addressing the media, the singer did not hesitate to take photos with her fans and she also came to sign some LPs. “Quickly, India, I’m late for class,” they shouted, excited for having met their favorite artist on the subway. However, the melodies began to sound increasingly distant, the people began to disperse, and the musical oasis that had begun almost an hour ago would only remain in her memories.