Taylor Swift has one week left to land in Madrid to dazzle her fans, the Swifties, with The Eras Tour, a show that lasts more than three hours. The city will host the American singer on May 29 and 30 at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. This fact will have an impact of 20 million euros on the Madrid hospitality industry. This sum is governed by the expenses that the attendees will make in the different venues, in addition to the tourists who will visit and spend the night in the capital for the singer’s performance, as estimated by Hostelería Madrileña. 

In fact, each concert will host around 52,000 spectators, who will spend an average of 20 euros per person in the hospitality venues around the stadium. Likewise, the organization estimates that 30 percent of those attending each show, a total of about 15,600 people, are national tourists from other Spanish and international regions who travel to the Community of Madrid to attend The Eras Tour. In general, the majority of attendees will spend an average of 280 euros per day on accommodation, restaurants and leisure in the Madrid municipality – entrance to the concert apart – and their stay will last two days. 

The effects of the enormous economic impact that this tour has generated wherever it has landed are already beginning to be felt, its effects have been so great that the term swiftonomics has been coined. In the US, the tour has become the most profitable in history; the Federal Reserve has even recognized the decisive influence that the artist has had on boosting national tourism. In concrete figures, it has contributed nearly 4 billion euros to the country’s gross domestic product. In fact, the Singapore authorities have also pointed to the author of You Belong with Me as directly responsible, along with Coldplay’s concerts, for the fact that its GDP has increased by 2.7 percent compared to the previous year. 

According to a study last August by QuestionPro, concertgoers in the United States spent an average of $1,300 per show, which included the cost of admission, marketing, accommodation, travel and maintenance during the stay.  One of the most immediate signs of what is coming is in the flow of train trips scheduled for those dates to the capital. According to a study by the Trainline app, in the case of the Seville-Madrid route the number of travelers will triple compared to this same week. The transfer of concert attendees from cities such as Valencia or Barcelona will also be evident, which will see how the lines that connect these cities double the volume of passengers.

The drip of expenses of each attendee will probably increase on the days of the concerts, in which two large areas will be installed in the vicinity of the venue for the interaction of the “swifties”, a particularly passionate community, as well as a “merchandising” store. official.