The Phoenix Suns are gearing up for the NBA Draft, with the 22nd overall pick in the first round. There is speculation about what the Suns will do with this pick, whether they will use it to draft a player, include it in a trade, or trade back. As we approach the draft, it is essential to explore the options available to the team.

One player that stands out as a potential draft pick for the Suns is Yves Missi from Baylor University. Standing at 6’11” and weighing 235 pounds, Missi is a young player at just 20 years old with one year of experience at Baylor. His statistics show promise, with 10.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 1.5 blocks, and 0.4 assists per game.

Missi’s athleticism and length are impressive, with a 37” vertical leap and a 7’2” wingspan. He excels at finishing around the rim and is a strong defender with a high motor. His ability to make quick decisions on both ends of the court makes him a valuable asset.

While Missi may be considered a project player, his upside potential is undeniable. He may not have a well-developed jumper, but his ability to score inside and impact the game defensively make him a solid choice for the Suns. His versatility and defensive prowess could fill a gap in the team’s roster, especially in replacing Drew Eubanks.

Eubanks’s defensive shortcomings have been evident, and Missi could offer a similar interior skill set with improved defense. While Missi’s scoring may be one-dimensional, his overall skill set and potential for growth make him a valuable addition to the team. He has the potential to be a productive NBA player and could even have a significant impact on the team’s success.

In conclusion, Yves Missi could be a valuable addition to the Phoenix Suns, providing depth off the bench and contributing to the team’s defensive efforts. While there may be questions about his ceiling as a scorer, his overall skill set and potential for growth make him a promising prospect for the Suns. With the draft approaching, selecting Missi could be a smart move for the team as they look to strengthen their roster and improve their chances of success in the upcoming season.