The opening of a restaurant in Barcelona dedicated to Belén Esteban has generated an unexpected response from the television collaborator.

Although the establishment, part of the Berto’s Milanesa chain, has been adorned with numerous references to the figure of the ‘queen of the people’, from images to famous phrases, the honoree has expressed her discontent about it. In statements to El Plural, Belén Esteban has been blunt when stating: “Don’t pay tribute to me, I have my image rights.”

The popular television collaborator was outraged and wanted to highlight that the restaurant did not consult anything with her before carrying out the tribute. “The people who carry my things have called them (the restaurant owners) because, let’s see, it seems very good to me that people work, but what they have done is not normal and without asking permission,” said Belén Esteban. , showing their annoyance at the lack of consideration for their image rights.

In addition, Belén Esteban stressed that the restaurant is not her property and that she was not aware of the initiative. “People think it’s mine, but it’s not. Ask me first,” declared the collaborator. Likewise, she wanted to express her surprise at the association of her name with the restaurant’s menu, with the decoration and with the food, emphasizing that she has no relationship with the creation of the dishes they offer.

Belén Esteban also took the opportunity to mention that she was not the only one whose image was being used, highlighting the opening of other establishments of the same chain dedicated to public figures, such as Julio Iglesias, the King or Joan Laporta.

Thus, despite the restaurant’s apparent intention to honor her, Belén Esteban made it clear that the lack of consultation and the unauthorized use of her image were not acceptable to her, and that people have also “killed TikTok.” with messages” because they think the restaurant is theirs.