Oriana González Marzoli has done it again. After the failure of her participation in the last edition of Big Brother VIP Spain, the content creator has decided to return to the world of reality shows with an interesting and new format broadcast by Channel 13, a popular Chilean network.

On this occasion, Marzoli faces confinement alone, but accompanied by Luis Mateucci, an ex-boyfriend with whom she shares a great friendship. Camila Recabarren and Gala Caldirola are also on this program, women with whom she already lived in other reality shows in Chile such as Would you go back to your ex? or Love on Trial.

In this new format, the contestants are divided into two teams (the sovereigns and the resistance), which adopt two different roles depending on whether they win or lose the joint competition: servants or lords.

The confinement began for the contestants on March 31 of this year, but the broadcast of the episodes did not begin until April 21. The episodes are published from Sunday to Thursday on a daily basis, something that makes millions of people around the world hooked on the different plots of the house.

Oriana’s return to Chile after a season in Europe has caused a great social stir in the country. The truth is that the former participant of Mujeres, Hombres y Viceversa has countless fans in the American territory, but also many haters who are dedicated to criticizing her personality and attitude on social networks.

Although Oriana has started the reality show in a much calmer and calmer attitude than other times, the 32-year-old has been involved in different disputes with some of her colleagues, especially with Faloon Larraguibel, whom she accused of having physically attacked her.

When Oriana entered the Casa de Guadalix de la Sierra to participate in GH VIP, she was dating what is now her ex-boyfriend. During the few days that she lasted in the contest, Marzoli seemed anxious and especially worried, as well as listless and angry with the organization of the program.

Instead, the girl has entered Win or Serve single, something that can be seen in her relaxed behavior and her desire to give the best version of herself. As can be seen in the different chapters, Oriana is one of the best competitors, a true rival to beat in physical and sporting events.