Victoria Frederica de Marichalar y de Borbón is one of the most media-friendly young characters in current Spanish society. The daughter of Infanta Elena and niece of King Felipe VI, she has a wide range of followers on her social networks, which allow her to expand her horizons and show the various high society events she attends. A life as an influencer that she will now also combine with an artistic career.

And after her participation in Antena 3’s El Desafío was leaked last month, it is now known that the 23-year-old will make her debut as an actress on television. The information has been revealed exclusively by Semana magazine through “completely credible sources,” which indicate that Victoria Federica “will be part of an audiovisual production that is still in the development phase.” Few more details have emerged in this regard.

The publication from the world of the heart detailed how the production company had recently begun the casting processes, which the member of the royal family will not have to go through. In words quoted by the magazine itself, “she was contacted directly to propose it and after several conversations she will join the project.” A situation that could help put more eyes on the format according to the sources.

“The management team is very satisfied with this signing, because they know that the promotion of the series with her in the cast is going to be tremendous. As far as we are told, the negotiations and procedures have been carried out in the strictest secrecy. Only a very small number of people were aware of the producer’s desire to have Victoria Federica,” added those cited in the magazine specialized in social chronicles.

Despite the exclusive reveal, the mystery about this production still persists. Semana has tried to investigate more details about the series: plot, possible channel or platform, release date, first lines about the cast and a long etcetera that the sources consulted did not want to answer. “At the moment we must respect the maximum confidentiality regarding the details surrounding his signing,” they indicated.

As the only clue or hook for publications and readers to remain attentive, they indicated that Victoria Federica’s role will be highlighted, regardless of whether she may be a possible protagonist or secondary: “What she does will give a lot to talk about.” Meanwhile, specialized programs and other media remain waiting for the first steps on the small screen of the king’s niece.