When it seemed that everything had already been seen in Survivors, Ángel Cristo Jr. goes and decides to go on an excursion on his own. The result: a rescue operation worthy of a movie with military included and a disciplinary expulsion that has left the audience divided. 

Bárbara Rey’s son, however, was very relieved to know that the reality show organization had decided to get rid of him once and for all after several unfortunate episodes. In fact, the former contestant accused the program several times for hiding the fact that he was the victim of an attack by Arantxa del Sol. 

Cristo Jr.’s tranquility about having to return to Spain responds, according to Carmen Borrego in Let’s see, to a strategy that he had already been weaving for several days: “I believe that Ángel, because of what I lived with him, has it everything absolutely thought out. Nothing about Ángel is that it suddenly occurred to him.”

This plan, without going any further, could even have come out of the former contestant’s mouth. “In fact, in the first weeks of the contest he told us that he was going to be on the program as long as he wanted,” he said. 

The little girl from Las Campos has said that the controversial castaway had planned this escape to go home early, but without having to pay any compensation. “He wanted to stay for a week because he had financial problems and as soon as he got the money he would leave. Ángel knew that by doing what he did he would be expelled from the program directly without any type of penalty. “He doesn’t care if it looks bad or not,” she said.