A few weeks ago all the alarms went off after it was learned that Ángel Llàcer had been hospitalized after suffering poisoning from a dangerous bacteria called shigella during a trip to Vietnam. A very contagious pathology that is contracted by contact with the feces of an infected person or by ingestion of contaminated food or water that has kept them seriously hospitalized in the ICU.

The showman continues to receive specific treatment, now at home after being discharged to continue his recovery from home. A hard bump that he himself has defined as “very heavy”, since he had to undergo surgery on several occasions and his health has left all his friends and colleagues worried, who have not stopped showing interest in him. Carlos Latre, one of his best friends, has revealed how the actor was feeling.

“Alright. We have been worried about his health, we have suffered a lot, but he is fine. Out of danger and we can enjoy it for a long time,” confirmed the comedian.

“We have spoken almost daily. “He sent her my good morning kiss every morning and told her what we were going to do that day,” said the popular comedian. “Suddenly, life takes a turn and you consider many things, like friendship; the people you love and want to be with.”

Latre’s words reassure Ángel Llàcer’s followers, who have kept everyone in suspense during this very complicated period that the producer, who also reappeared in Your face sounds to me, has had to live last Friday to the surprise of viewers. Of course, in a timely manner, since the program was recorded previously.

Until his return, Llàcer will be replaced by Santiago Segura, who will replace him as a jury on the popular program.

“It has been very heavy. I went to Vietnam on vacation and got poisoning. I was cured of the poisoning, but I came back from there and the bug has lived in me. Until it has reproduced in my intestine,” explained the popular actor and jury of Your face sounds familiar to me, after several weeks away from the program.

He doesn’t exaggerate. The bacteria that affected the actor is shigella, whose symptoms include fever, acute abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea or nausea, among others. This organism usually infects the lining of the intestines, but can reproduce throughout the body. In severe cases, this bacteria can cause sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

His recovery is very good news, but the actor has a long process ahead of him. Now, he has the support and love of all his friends and colleagues, who are with him at all times.