Survivientes gave its viewers an emotional and surprising moment when Sofía Suescun appeared on the island to surprise Kiko Jiménez, her partner, after a three-year veto on Telecinco. The visit, which was a surprise for Kiko, culminated with a romantic live meeting that left everyone stunned, especially because there was no marriage proposal.

The production of the program had prepared a romantic moment: the couple not only met again live, but also had the opportunity to spend the night together and completely alone in Cayo Paloma to properly catch up.

Upon arriving at the beach where they would share the evening, Kiko was very excited. “With you here… I have to realize that it is real,” he said as they both hugged each other after two months of separation. “I have dopamine like the first day of ours, the same,” he assured his girlfriend before having a great banquet.

The night was full of conversations, kisses and caresses, creating an atmosphere of passion. Kiko confessed that what she was experiencing at that moment was very special: “I remembered so many things… how much I missed you. You coming is the last thing I expected, I needed you a lot.”

After this special night, Kiko returned to the island with his team, but not before allowing Sofia to share breakfast with her teammates. The influencer claimed that she was “living a dream” by being able to share that moment with all of them on the beach. This, however, will be common for her soon when she participates in the All Stars edition.

Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to know more details about this long-awaited night. The Catalan presenter, above all, wanted to know if the couple had given free rein to their love and had had sexual relations, something that did not happen. “It was incredible, it took many hours of conversation. “He filled me with energy and gave me very good advice,” the contestant acknowledged.

Given this response, the communicator has drawn a clear conclusion: “Come on, you didn’t get a hard on. Its normal”. In this sense, he has celebrated that the couple knows how to look beyond sex: “I think it is very nice that you stay with what is essential in life, the love and affection that you feel for each other.”