Tamara Falcó is one of the most searched television figures this week. Beyond being the Marchioness of Griñón and sharing a marriage that generates news, covers and gatherings with Íñigo Onieva, the aristocrat is also part of the current affairs gathering of El Hormiguero along with Cristina Pardo, Núria Roca and Juan del Val. However, her name has appeared in many information portals for a completely different reason.

“I come to tell you something important to me. After 10 unforgettable years, the next season of Got Talent I will not be with the rest of my colleagues enjoying talent and magic,” Edurne recently said, announcing her departure from the Telecinco talent show after a decade collaborating. The mystery over who would replace her has lasted until this Thursday, when Mediaset announced Tamara Falcó as its new member of the jury.

This information has taken the world of communication by surprise, particularly knowing the marquise’s current role in the Telecinco competition, Antena 3. Likewise, the possibility that Pablo Motos would comment on the news during the gathering was also present. . An event that has ended up taking place, but that has turned out to be much briefer and less dramatic as expected.

“Are you all okay?” asked the man from Requena after an intense interview with Antonio Resines, who presented the series Atasco that premieres on May 24. After tidying up his space at the table, he threw the question into the air. “Before we start, Tamara, I want to talk about rumors. There are rumors that you are not going to work here anymore,” he commented, to the congratulations of the Petancas ant and the supposed doubt of his table companions.

“Are you going to kick me out?” asked the aristocrat, questioning her future on the Atresmedia nighttime show. Even so, Motos’ response has been much more positive than expected among the other commentators: “No, in no way, very clear.” Immediately afterwards, both hugged each other, raising applause and cheers from the public in San Sebastián de los Reyes. A moment also used to compare its news with other similar projects.

“There’s going to be another program and it’s going to be combined, right?” the ants asked, Falcó replying with a confident statement: “Well, but the other two girls also have other programs.” A phrase in reference to Pardo and Roca, who manage Más Vale Tarde and La Roca in La Sexta respectively. A situation somewhat different from that of Falcó, which theoretically will combine two jobs in two chains that compete directly.