Antonio Tejado is already enjoying his freedom. María del Monte’s nephew was released from prison this past Monday, May 20, after a judge ordered his conditional release without bail after remaining in preventive detention for three months for his alleged involvement in the robbery with violence that his own victim suffered. aunt last August. 

At first, the Investigative Judge number 16 of Seville, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, requested 100,000 euros of bail for the former television collaborator and 50,000 euros for the rest of those investigated. But finally, he has only imposed a series of precautionary measures on them: the withdrawal of their passport, the obligation to appear in court on the 7th and 21st of each month and a restraining order on the victims, María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal. 

This Thursday, May 23, the Telecinco program presented by Joaquín Prat, Vamos a Ver, broadcast images of the celebration that El Ruso, one of those investigated for the robbery at María del Monte’s house, had had after his departure from prison. A party in which there was no shortage of dancing and in which he was accompanied by his entire family. 

Journalist Pepe del Real revealed that the celebration had taken place in the bar that the El Ruso couple had recently set up. ”He has been accompanied by his brother, his father, his family and his friends from the gym with whom he has been having a great time,” the collaborator assured. 

The singer’s nephew is also being investigated for his alleged involvement with a criminal organization dedicated to theft of homes in the province of Seville. A band that would be led by ‘El Ruso’ and related to the former television collaborator, as demonstrated by the data dump from Tejado’s phone. 

The first draft details that Arsen Garibian, alias ‘El Ruso’, and Antonio Tejado were together two days before the robbery occurred in the home. Furthermore, during that meeting, Tejado himself would have called his aunt to find out if they were in the house, alluding to the issue of the dog, since his interest was to return it to her after his vacation.