A new program called Naked Attraction has just landed on the MAX streaming platform, which is sold as a project that advocates naturalness and in which there is no room for prejudice.

On this occasion, the audiovisual giant has had the communicator Marta Flich to host the format. Throughout the show’s seven episodes, different contestants will have to find ‘love’ based on other people’s naked bodies.

”At Naked Attraction we revolutionize the world of dating and we are committed to naturalness, to naked love,” says Flich in the presentation of the program that has gone viral on social networks.

Although it is an unknown format in our country that has had great success in other territories such as Italy or Germany, social networks have been filled with criticism and hurtful comments towards the show.

While some defenders of Naked Attraction have defended that it is still a dating show and that all types of bodies are shown naturally, many feminist users on the network have accused the program of sexualizing the participants.

The situation has reached such a point that the Social Policy Institute (IPSE) has requested the withdrawal of the program. According to its president, Pablo Hertfelder GarcĂ­a-Conde, the space ”commercializes women” and seriously threatens their ”integrity”.

The independent international civil organization has described the program as ”almost pornographic” and has called for its immediate withdrawal. In addition, the entity has announced that if they do not remove it from the catalog, they will proceed to communicate with their partners and supporters to unsubscribe from the platform.

In some of the audiovisual pieces that have gone viral on the Internet, you can see how Risto Mejide’s partner directly asks the participating women to “seduce the boy with her breasts,” something that has not sat well with the participants. users of It’s a matter of not accepting money from programs that contribute to making the world a bigger shithole”, ”I hope they pay you a lot, Marta Flich, because my goodness…”, etc.

For the moment, both the presenter and the producers and managers of the program have opted for silence, but the controversy has become one of the main topics of conversation of the day.