The incorporation of Laura Madrueño to the cast of presenters of Survivientes 2023 has become the main novelty of the Telecinco reality show in this edition. The communicator left the chain’s meteorological space to take charge of the connections from Honduras, replacing Lara Álvarez, who had accumulated no less than 8 editions from the country.

After the Asturian presenter left to undertake new “professional challenges”, it was the person in charge of El tiempo who would be in charge of replacing her. Now, Laura Madrueño has spoken about what these first days in Honduras have been like for her, and her perspective when it comes to facing a format that is very different from the one she has carried out to date.

In an interview for El País, Madrueño confesses that she was “very shocked” when she was officially proposed to be part of Survivientes 2023. “It was something that many colleagues and friends had told me for many years,” she assured. For Madrueño, “the challenge” of turning her professional life around “has been very great.”

One of the reasons why Laura Madrueño speaks in these terms is precisely the added pressure of replacing a veteran in Honduras like Lara Álvarez. “I already knew that the comparisons were going to be there, after eight years it was already Lara’s program,” she said in the same interview, confessing that the first weeks have been “very hard” for her.

How could it be otherwise, Álvarez also wanted to send encouragement to his replacement before embarking on the trip to the country where the adventure of survival takes place. “She was very generous and affectionate with me. She told me not to worry, that I was going to be with a great team, and now I realize how lucky I have been because the team is brutal,” Madrueño said.

In addition, he reveals what advice Lara Álvarez gave him to face the challenge in the best possible way. “She told me to enjoy it, and I think it’s one of the best pieces of advice,” Laura Madrueño said about the words she exchanged with her predecessor in Survivors.