Not even if we were shhh has completed its first week on air. After the end of Sálvame on Telecinco on June 23, 2023, the former managers of La Fábrica de la Tele decided to embark on a new professional project to revive the spirit of Sálvame. 

The result of this idea has been the creation of an open streaming channel dedicated to the world of the heart, Canal Quickie. A launch that took place on May 15 and was accompanied by the premiere of the program Ni que fuerámos shhh, in which we were able to see the most popular faces from the old Mediaset program. 

During its first week of life, this new television space that can be seen simultaneously on different platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch, has managed to conquer the hearts of all its followers and new ones because they have known how to perfectly transfer the spirit of the extinct Mediaset space. 

During the program this past Wednesday, May 22, Lydia Lozano, one of its collaborators, had the challenge of going out into the street and dancing the first ”chuminero” in the history of Canal Quickie with a passerby. ”No one. Who wants to dance the chuminero with me?” the collaborator shouted in the middle of the street. However, her walk through the streets of Madrid was not as successful as they expected and the collaborator even had to face an uncomfortable moment with a citizen. 

The collaborator was in the middle of the street looking for a dance partner in the Madrid neighborhood when she suddenly encountered a man with a cane in his hand who told her something completely unexpected. ”A little with me,” Lydia Lozano told him. ”I’m very bad at dancing,” he replied. ”You look great,” she said. ”I’m going to be 83 years old,” she answered.

 The journalist insisted on dancing with the man when suddenly he said the following: “A few days ago my wife died.” After these words, the collaborator offered her condolences and she continued with her particular search to dance his well-known dance.