David Broncano, the charismatic host of ‘La Resistencia’ on Movistar Plus, received an unexpected and fun surprise during the visit of the American actress and model Esmeralda Pimentel to the program. Pimentel wanted to have a special detail with Broncano, generating one of the most memorable moments of the show at the Príncipe Gran Vía Theater in Madrid. 

It all started when Pimentel remembered a previous conversation about Broncano’s favorite animals. “You asked me a while ago what your favorite animals were,” Esmeralda commented. With his usual sense of humor, Broncano responded: “Whatever a raccoon,” and then added, “Am I going to be scared?” Curiosity and mystery grew when Broncano observed a carrier covered with a black cloth.

To everyone’s surprise, Broncano discovered that inside the carrier was Trancas, one of the emblematic ants of ‘El Hormiguero’, the program of his colleague and television rival, Pablo Motos.

The presenter, laughing, kissed and hugged Trancas, which caused cheers and a standing ovation from the audience, delighted with Esmeralda’s gift. “Very good gift! “I like them a lot,” Broncano confessed.

The surprise did not end there. Minutes later, Broncano discovered that Barrancas, the other famous ant from the Motorcycle program, was also there. Proud, Broncano exclaimed: “I watch the program a lot and I have never had one.” He jokingly asked if it was a joke or a real gift, highlighting the camaraderie between the rival programs.

This fun exchange highlighted the good humor and friendship between the presenters of ‘La Resistencia’ and ‘El Hormiguero’, making it clear that, despite the competition, “we are friends,” as Broncano pointed out. Ricardo Castella, for his part, asked him to cover the ants with the black cloth because he did not trust that “true” friendship that much. 

Pimentel’s visit and his peculiar gift became a highlight, showing once again the carefree spirit that characterizes ‘La Resistencia’.