Young Sheldon says goodbye this Thursday in the United States. It will be a painful experience for those viewers who have enjoyed the character of Sheldon Cooper since they met him in The Big Bang Theory in 2007, first with the face of Jim Parsons and then with that of Iain Armitage in his youthful version. Luckily, fans know that they will have a spin-off focused on Georgie and Mandy and, as reported, these two characters will not be the only ones to return: two other veterans are guaranteed to return.

Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones, who have appeared in a dozen episodes between the sixth and seventh seasons, are guaranteed to appear in Young Sheldon. If until now they were recurring characters like Jim and Audrey McCallister, Mandy’s parents, now they will be permanent: they will be a constant in the newlywed life of the unlikely couple played by Montana Jordan and Emily Osment.

This means that the action of Georgie and Mandy’s first marriage, which is what the spin-off is called, will not orbit around the Cooper family but around the McCallisters, to discover new ground. So far, the dynamic between these characters is clear: Audrey is unenthusiastic about her daughter’s relationship with Georgie, who is much younger than her, and the affable Jim is trying to survive in a family marked by female dynamics. .

After this announcement, it remains to be seen to what extent Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Steve Holland, the creators of Georgie and Mandy’s first marriage, plan to count on the rest of the Cooper family. Is there a possibility that Zoe Perry (Mary), Ian Armitage (Sheldon), Annie Potts (Meemaw) or Raegan Revord (Missy) will return as recurring characters or at least as guest actors from time to time?

When the spin-off premieres next fall in the United States, one of the elements that arouses curiosity is to see how Montana Jordan and Emily Osment fare with the change of format. Young Sheldon, where they have worked until now, was a sitcom shot with a camera and without a live audience to incorporate laughter into the footage. The new project, on the other hand, returns to the origins of The Big Bang Theory with a set with an audience and the predictable laughter.