Dressing well doesn’t have to be a complicated or boring task. In fact, by applying simple principles like the three-color rule, you can transform your daily wardrobe into an expression of creativity and style. This rule not only makes it easier to combine clothes, but also ensures an attractive and dynamic visual balance.

The three-color rule is a simple technique that involves limiting the palette of an outfit to three shades. This method helps create a coherent and balanced look without visually overloading. Colors can vary between neutral and vibrant, but the key is in their harmony and how they complement each other. The content creator, Mónica Murillo https://monicamurillo.com.mx/, shows us on her social networks how to get the best out of this tip.

Let’s start with a basic example: combining white, black and a vibrant color like yellow. This trio is classic and never fails. Black and white provide a neutral and elegant base, while yellow adds a touch of energy and modernity without being overwhelming.

Another approach is to start with a base of neutral colors, such as jeans and a black t-shirt, and add a third color that stands out, such as lilac on a jacket or accessories, either with one item of clothing or with more than one. This third color acts as the focal point of the outfit and can vary depending on the occasion or your mood.

Accessories play a crucial role in the three-color rule. For example, if you choose an outfit made up of mostly neutral tones, you can incorporate a bold color through a bag, shoes, or scarf. This method not only adds an element of surprise, but also allows you to experiment with colors that you might not dare to wear on a more visible garment.

Choosing the predominant color, which is the one that takes up most of the outfit, simplifies the process of selecting the other two shades. Neutral colors such as black, white or gray are excellent for balancing more vibrant tones and allow the focal color to stand out without competition. Textures can influence how colors are perceived, as certain shades do not look the same on leather, cotton or silk. The three-color rule is a formidable tool for anyone looking to simplify their wardrobe decisions while maintaining a personal and fresh style.

The three-color rule not only helps you dress aesthetically and neatly, but also encourages creativity by allowing you to play with the clothes you already have. It’s a great way to experiment with fashion without having to constantly buy new clothes.