11 years after the terrible crime that shocked an entire country, Netflix has published a fiction based on the murder of the 12-year-old girl Asunta Basterra Porto, something that has made said case once again become news and make hundreds of headlines. from national and international media.

In the series you can see how things happened. In 2013, Asunta’s parents (Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra) reported her disappearance to the Police and, in a short time, the authorities found the girl’s body in a field area near a family home in Porto. After a few hours, the girl’s parents became the main suspects in the case.

Although they never acknowledged responsibility for the events, Porto and Basterra spent two years in preventive detention. In 2015, the murder trial was held and both were sentenced to 18 years in prison.

To this day, the journalist of Basque origin continues to serve his sentence in the Teixeiro penitentiary center, A Coruña, from which he will not leave until 2031. For his part, Porto went through different prisons, but in November 2020 he could not last more pressure and decided to put an end to his life in his own cell.

Over the last few weeks, different people from around the condemned have appeared in television programs, interviews, etc. Some of these figures were fellow prisoners of the former couple, so they have given a more recent version of what they were both like.

The opinion about Basterra has been more or less unanimous: he is a very closed man who has never been interested in getting along with people. He has had problems in prison and has a difficult personality. In the case of Rosario, there are different opinions: there are those who claim that she is a good woman at heart and that she could not have killed a fly and there are those who confirm that she is a very manipulative woman who always acts from victimhood.

The program Y Ahora, Sonsoles has echoed the statements of different people from around Porto, among which José Luis Gutiérrez Aranguren, who was his lawyer, stands out. The man has publicly insisted on the woman’s innocence and the lack of compelling evidence against her.

However, what has caught the attention of Antena 3 viewers the most is the testimony of María, an inmate who shared many moments with Porto in prison. The woman has had no qualms about indirectly accusing Basterra, saying that she was jealous of Porto’s new partner and has revealed an element that has shocked viewers. According to María, Rosario had in her room a photo of the investigating judge of the case and, below it, a revealing phrase: “Don’t let the truth ruin a beautiful story for you.”