The Netflix series The Asunta Case has rescued the terrible crime that ended the life of the 12-year-old girl Asunta Basterra Porto from media oblivion. The audiovisual giant has published a fiction based on real events and starring Candela Peña, Tristán Ulloa, María León and Javier Gutiérrez, among others, which tells the story of the girl’s murder, her investigation and her corresponding trial.

Although at first they presented themselves as victims and cooperated with the Police, the authorities quickly detected that the girl’s parents had something to do with her death (they presented different inconsistencies in their stories and some unjustifiable evidence appeared), which is why the they stopped.

After two years of preventive deprivation of liberty, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra had a highly publicized trial in which they were found guilty of the murder of their daughter and sentenced to 18 years in prison. It should be noted that Basterra is still serving his sentence, but that Porto took his own life in 2020 in his cell.

While they were still in preventive detention and no judicial sentence had been handed down, the former couple exchanged a series of letters that have attracted a lot of attention from followers of the crime. The program Y Ahora, Sonsoles has published some parts of one of these letters.

Despite the disagreements, in one of these most notable letters, Porto addresses Basterra with affection, protection and trust, thus making it clear that he still truly appreciated him: ”I have been informed that, if you insist, you have every right to leave.”

In this communication, the Galician woman tells the man with whom she shared a large part of her life that she would take half the years off her life in order to bring her daughter back and expresses that she feels ”terribly guilty” for having regretted and complained about the girl. ”The only thing that is not solved and never will be is how I am going to be able to live with this pain,” she points out.

Although she blames her husband’s emails for having put them in the focus of the investigation, she also blames herself for ”her ‘hobby’ of killing insects and mosquitoes with ‘pillows”’: ”It is a tremendous punishment which I don’t think we deserve, no matter how many mistakes we may have made.”

”Remember the little girl every day just as I do and try to think of all the good things we did for her”, ”I promise you that I will try to fight to be well so that the culprit or culprits of this pay. for what he/she has done” or ”Every day I have the feeling of being in a madhouse and I don’t know how long I can last” are some of the phrases that can also be read in the letter that Porto sent to Basterra before know the judge’s ruling.