A few weeks ago, Mediaset España surprised its audience with bombshell news that has caused a lot of talk: Big Brother is returning in its anonymous version, a program that has not been broadcast for more than seven years. In addition, the communication group publicly announced that the casting was already open, so anyone who wanted could now sign up to be part of the candidates to live in the Guadalix de la Sierra house.

Fans of the original format that was presented by Mercedes Milá for years were shocked by the news and flooded social networks and microblogging platforms with words of celebration and joy. In addition, many users took advantage of the moment to rescue moments from previous editions, which caused the general hype to increase exponentially.

After a few weeks, when everything had calmed down, an X account (a platform previously known as Twitter) called @Carmenborre revealed yesterday that the communication group would be in negotiations with Inés Hernand to present the coexistence format. Although she is an anonymous user who speaks about the world of entertainment, it should be noted that she is a person who has reliable sources and who has previously uncovered some data about the Mediaset universe unknown to the audience.

”Zeppelin and Mediaset España in talks with Inés Hernand to be the new presenter of GH in the month of September,” stated the successful account, giving rise to endless comments on the network.

As expected given the popularity of Andrea Compton’s friend among the younger public, social networks have been filled with comments of disbelief, happiness and triumph. ”It would be the best thing in the world”, ”Oysters, what a BOMB”, ”The most successful thing about Mediaset since Vasile left, I hope it comes to fruition” or ”It would be very good” are some of the most notable comments that can be seen in the post.

The host of the Benidorm Fest has spoken publicly about the gossip and rumors that place her as the new host of GH, making it clear that nothing is closed yet: ”Guys, no one has called me. Hopefully”.

While some trust Hernand, the account that provided the information has defended the news and explained that it is normal for it to deny it because nothing is confirmed or certain. It should be noted that the 32-year-old was a presenter along with Mercedes Milá (mythical host of GH) of the first season of I don’t know what you’re talking about for Spanish Television and that both share a great relationship, so the Catalan could give her some advices.