The promise has revolutionized the afternoons of Spanish Television. Fiction has managed to gather a loyal following of fans who follow the story of each and every one of its colorful characters every day.

The series starring Ana Garcés, María Castro, Antonio Velázquez, Eva Martín, Arturo García Sancho, Manuel Regueiro and Joaquín Climent, among others, premiered in prime time on La 1 on January 12, 2023 and, starting the following day , began to be broadcast in the afternoon. From the first moment it was a resounding success in audiences.

To innovate and surprise the audience, the writers of the series that is set in the province of Córdoba in 1913 have decided to take an unexpected turn. To do this, they have resorted to a very useful tool in the audiovisual world: a jump in time.

The passage of a few months has placed the characters in new scenarios, circumstances and conflicts. Furthermore, the script is not the only thing that has changed from the fiction. The promise has released a new header: a renewed tune in which the voice of the singer Conchita joins the beautiful tone of Gonzalo Hermida.

On Wednesday, May 22, the first part of the series was ‘finished’ and, to begin the new ‘era’, the project has incorporated new profiles: Elia Galera (Muertos S.L., Zorro) and Ibrahim Al Shami (Valeria, Mía It’s revenge). In this new stage, one of the most controversial characters in fiction and most ‘hated’ by viewers returns:  Gregorio, a role played by actor Bruno Lastra.