The film Culpa Mía was one of the great audiovisual phenomena of Amazon Prime Video during the past year. The Spanish film that adapts the novels by Mercedes Ron took the streaming platform by storm, becoming one of the most viewed contents of the American giant. 

Now, as the next chapter in Nick and Noah’s love story is about to be released, Prime Video has announced a British version of the novel, starring Asha Banks (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder) and Matthew Broome (The Buccaneers : aristocrats for love), like Noah and Nick. 

The plot will be exactly the same as the Spanish version, but adapted in London: “When Ella, Noah’s mother, falls in love with the billionaire William, they go to live in London with him and his son Nick. Upon their arrival, Noah, 18 years old, meets the famous bad boy and an immediate attraction arises between the two.” 

Banks and Broome will not be alone, as My Fault: London will star Eve Macklin as Ella; Ray Fearon as William; Enva Lewis as Jenna; Jason Flemyng as Travis; Kerim Hassan as Lion; Sam Buchanan as Ronnie; Amelia Kenworthy as Anna and Harry Gilby as Dan. The good news is that fans won’t have to wait long to see this new version of the story, since Prime Video confirmed a few days ago that filming had already finished. 

It should be remembered that the Spanish film was produced by Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, and starred two of the most popular youth actors today, Nicole Wallace (Skam España) and Gabriel Guevara (Hit). 

After the success of the film in 2023, the streaming platform did not hesitate for a second to continue betting on this story and confirmed the film adaptation of the other two books that make up the Mercedes Ron trilogy. The sequel, which will be titled Culpa Tuya, will arrive in the Prime Video catalog next December. 

And although at the moment there is no exact release date, the American giant revealed a few days ago the first images of the sequel and the first official synopsis of the film. 

”The love between Noah and Nick seems unbreakable, despite their parents’ efforts to separate them. But his job and her entry into college open their lives to new relationships. The appearance of an ex-girlfriend seeking revenge and mother Nick with unclear intentions will shake the foundations not only of their relationship, but of the Leister family itself. When so many people are willing to destroy a love story, can it really end well?”