In the Dexter series, images of the past of Dexter Morgan, the psychopath and serial killer of other murderers, were always seen. We saw how Harry’s father transmitted a code to him so that he would not hurt innocent people. But those scenes were not enough according to the producers of Dexter: Original Sin, who want to tell at length what the youth of the character until now played by Michael C. Hall was like, and now they have found the actors to bring this new film to the screen. vision.

Patrick Gibson, known for his work on the cult series The OA and Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, will play young Dexter in the city of Miami in 1991. The official synopsis sells the character as “a student transitioning into a serial killer.” In training”. His hunger for blood, death and torture needs to be satisfied and he finds in his father someone who listens to him and helps him channel these impulses.

“As his only confidant, he teaches Dexter a code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to die, all while avoiding being hunted by the authorities,” the first information indicates. He also gets into the lion’s den: as it begins 15 years before the original series, you will be able to see Dexter’s first steps in the forensic team of the Miami police department.

Gibson’s signing is not the only one announced: the rest of the Morgan family also has a face. Christian Slater, who won a Golden Globe for Mr Robot, will play Harry, Dexter’s father, while Molly Brown, who has recently been seen in Evil and Billions, will play Debra, the sister with whom he has a somewhat romantic relationship. incestuous Will one of Dexter’s most controversial plots be addressed from youth?

Whoever is skeptical about this Dexter: Original Sin, there is an important detail to keep in mind: its showrunner is Clyde Phillips, who took the reins of the first four seasons of Dexter, which received the best reviews. Aware that the final stretch of Dexter did not live up to the expectations of fans, he was also responsible for Dexter: New Blood, the sequel where Michael C. Hall could be seen in the skin of the character and acting as a father in a remote town.