Artificial intelligence increasingly surprises us with everything it can do. A graphic designer known as @rezaa3d on Instagram has managed to recreate a chilling scene with dementors, the sinister characters from the Harry Potter saga. 

Using advanced software tools, the digital creator has made these dark beings appear to come to life. The publication shows the dementors flying over a traffic light, generating an atmosphere so realistic that many have been stunned. 

Dementors, described in the books by J.K. Rowling as “dark and sinister creatures that have no soul of their own,” they feed on people’s happiness, leaving their victims mired in despair and sadness. 

This description has been perfectly captured in Reza’s video, where the dementors appear to hover menacingly, pretending to drain the driver’s happiness. The images are apparently very realistic, on par with any action movie. 

The video, which has racked up thousands of views and comments, shows the dementors gliding over a traffic light intersection in a modern city. The creation of @rezaa3d has made it clear that artificial intelligence and digital tools are revolutionizing the field of design and animation.