Rosalía has become one of the most media characters in our country. In addition to her undeniable talent as an artist and the popularity of her songs, the Catalan became very famous throughout the world for maintaining a relationship with the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, with whom she even got engaged.

When the breakup of the performer of Motomami, Candy, Before I Die and Despechá and the Latin American musician was made public, their fans were shocked, since they had released an EP together and had great plans for the future. At that time, different rumors began to circulate about the reasons that would have led both of them to make this decision (for example, different infidelities on the part of Rauw), but the two artists came out to deny them and ask for respect.

During the following months, Rosalía settled permanently in the United States and uploaded photos and videos to her social networks from Los Angeles, Miami, etc. While everyone thought it was a matter of business, the paparazzi leaked different images in which the Spanish woman could be seen with the actor Jeremy Allen White in an affectionate attitude.

The actor has achieved great recognition in recent years thanks to the series The Bear, which has led him to win an Emmy award and a Golden Globe, among others. Although they have not officially confirmed their romance, both have been seen together holding hands and even kissing on different occasions. 

However, it is not gold everything that shines. For a few weeks now, different rumors have been circulating on the Internet that claim that the artists have put an end to their relationship.

The gossip has gained strength thanks to some images from May 19, the day Allen White attended a baseball game with actress Ayo Edebiri and other actors in Chicago, Illinois.

In some images of the sporting event you can see the couple of supposed friends caressing each other and sharing confidences, something that has set off all the alarms.

Although they have been able to change things radically, until a few weeks ago White and Edebiri defined their relationship as a beautiful friendship. Both have shared filming and success thanks to the same Disney Plus project, so they are truly united.

To give an example of their good relationship, we can go back to the Golden Globe Awards gala, an event in which the actress reproached journalists for asking the Brooklyn artist about his campaign with Calvin Klein instead of about his acting achievements. .