After a three-year hiatus, Sofía Suescun has reappeared on Telecinco, ready to resume her reign in reality shows: she will be a contestant on Supervivientes: All Stars. With titles like Big Brother 16 and Supervivientes 2018 under her belt, the influencer has returned to the network that catapulted her to fame ready to once again become one of the most popular faces of Mediaset.

Sofía Suescun is only the first of the constellation of stars who will travel to Honduras this summer – when the current edition ends, the All Stars will begin – to participate in this new contest, which is designed to bring together in the Cayos Cochinos the best survivors of the entire history, which includes two decades, and put them back in situations of extreme difficulty.

Laura Madrueño, accompanied by Sofía, has been in charge of lighting up the palapa to announce this long-awaited format: “The stars are those who made history. The strongest, the bravest, the most skilled, the ones who moved us the most and made us laugh. Those who did not remain silent and those who lived every moment of this adventure as if it were the first time and the last.”

Jorge Javier Vázquez, who has been confirmed as the presenter of the contest, leaves nothing to the imagination in the first official promotion: “Its echo still resonates on the beach. They challenged the force of nature. They did not give in to discouragement. They left their limits behind. And for this reason, they sculpted their names in fire and clay forever. “This summer the legends return.”

At the moment only Sofía Suescun is confirmed. However, there are already some names on the table that could end up returning to Honduras, since her time in the contest was worthy of a second chance.

The first celebrities who could return to the Cayos Cochinos to live this experience surrounded by the best have already begun to appear on the networks. In this sense, Rosa Benito, who won the 2011 edition, and Jorge Pérez, who won in 2020. It is even beginning to be rumored that Isabel Pantoja, who was not a very good survivor, could return to Honduras.