If there is something that cannot be denied in Survivors, it is that there is a great creative team behind the numerous tests that take place each week. All of them are designed to push the contestants to their limits while the audience is entertained. If there is one that has met both objectives, it is the see-saw test that was held in No Man’s Land.

This test had crumbs. The two teams had to stand on their respective seesaws so that Miri and Blanca could transfer balls from one end to the other and leave them on washers at different heights. To make it more complicated, the rockers were especially unbalanced and the contestants who acted as carriers had to step over their companions.

This approach, which had never been seen in Survivors, has left authentic moments. Arkano has been kicked in the middle, there have been numerous falls and there have been many frictions and even very explicit touches, like the one between Aurah and Blanca. “We have to repeat this test,” stated Carlos Sobera.

The networks have also expressed their great satisfaction at attending such an original and fun test. On this occasion the audience has been unanimous and has applauded that Survivors has innovated: “Please, I am crying with this test, what plans it has left us.”

There has been no shortage of laughter at home. “The test has been a real disgrace,” said one user. Another has guaranteed that this is the “first test of the entire edition that I have laughed at.” In addition, there have been numerous comments that have indicated that the test has been “brutal” and a “fantasy.” For this reason, they have expressed sincere gratitude: “Congratulations on this great test idea.”

Although some viewers have also highlighted the danger of the test: “In my house there is incredible anguish. She is very dangerous and it has been seen how Blanca has hit her entire jaw with the washer.”