Julio José Iglesias has celebrated his 50th birthday in style in Madrid. The singer, who arrived very happily accompanied by his girlfriend Vivi Di Domenico, gathered a good part of his intimate circle at a venue in the capital to celebrate his half-century. The party did not miss his sister, Tamara Falcó, as well as other recognized faces, such as Pepe Navarro, Canales Rivera, Patricia Cerezo or the influencer Teresa Baca, among many others. If one absence drew special attention, it was that of Íñigo Onieva, who did not attend his brother-in-law’s birthday. It should be remembered that Iglesias was especially hard on the businessman after his infidelity to his younger sister came to light.

Many were the recognized faces who wanted to support the singer during his big night. As she could not be otherwise, Tamara Falcó attended her brother’s birthday, but she called attention to the fact that she did it without her fiancé, Íñigo Onieva. A notable absence if we remember the words that Julio José dedicated to him when he found out the reasons for the breakup of both, last September. “Íñigo has lost a wonderful woman. Tamara deserves another type of man, who is up to her in terms of feelings and kindness,” he said then. Some very harsh statements with which she demonstrated her little empathy towards the businessman’s infidelity to her sister, and that Onieva would not have liked at all.

For Julio Jr., Tamara is someone “very special” and although he accepts his sister’s decision, it seems that he would not agree with her resuming the wedding plans so quickly. It should be remembered that the couple stopped the wedding after the infidelity came to light, but that after their reconciliation last Christmas, both announced the wedding for next July. “When you are married, it is more difficult to break the bond and the disappointment is even greater,” Julio José confessed just a few months ago.

In fact, a few minutes before the start of the party, the son of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias went live on the program Y ahora Sonsoles. About the upcoming wedding of Tamara and Onieva, the singer said: “There are so many of us that there will always be someone who gets married. I haven’t seen Tamara yet and she will come to my party in a while.” At that time, it was not yet known that the Marquesa de Griñón would not attend along with her fiancée. “Do you like Íñigo as a brother-in-law?” Sonsoles asked him. “Who has to like it is her,” Julio responded spontaneously, making it clear that he does not want to reveal what he really thinks.

“Let’s see, how to explain to you: I want my sister Tamara to be happy, the important thing is that she be happy, who am I to tell her what to do? What I can give my sister is advice, I can tell her ‘Tamara think about it’, ‘Tamara, this and the other’, but the final decision will be made by her”, detailed in the program. “What I have told her is that if she is happy, that I support her in whatever she wants, that easy. And the same to my mother,” he said, about Isabel Preysler’s break with Mario Vargas Llosa .

Íñigo Onieva confirmed his absence on his brother-in-law’s birthday through his Instagram profile. While Tamara enjoyed her birthday party, he did the same at a dinner with friends at Las Reses restaurant in Madrid. Evening in which they tasted top quality meat. This movement puts on the table that there may not be a very good relationship between the brothers-in-law. And it is that some members of Tamara’s family could find it difficult to forget the pain that the marquise went through after Onieva’s infidelity.