Sofía Suescun’s visit to Kiko Jiménez in Survivors ended with a romantic meeting between the two and the confirmation of the influencer as the first contestant of the All Stars version of the survival contest.

Despite Carlos Sobera’s insistence, and that Kiko had promised that he would ask her to marry him, there was no proposal. “We are not one of those,” said the man from Jaen, to which his girlfriend agreed and asked him not to kneel. Even so, she Kiko made a beautiful declaration of love: “I want everything with you. I want you to be the mother of my son, for us to get married. I love you”.

Upon returning to Spain, Sofía was approached by a Europa Press reporter at the airport, who asked her directly about the possibility of marrying Kiko: “Has there been any confusion regarding the wedding?” Sofía’s response has been forceful, clarifying that she has no marriage plans. “I’m not into weddings,” she said, making it clear that Kiko’s proposal will not materialize.

The influencer has also explained that Kiko’s proposal, which was not a typical marriage proposal, was a way of expressing her deep love, but not a real intention to get married: “When he said about the wedding it was a way to say how much he loves me, that I want everything with you, but I don’t think it has to be carried out, it’s more something that is said… A wedding doesn’t make sense.”

The reaction of Maite Galdeano, Sofía’s mother who was on set when the reunion occurred, was overwhelming. The bus driver assured that her family did not agree very much with weddings, which seemed to reinforce Sofía’s decision not to accept the almost marriage proposal. Thus, Maite, always sincere, was not surprised by her daughter’s decision and suggested that the couple will continue their relationship without the need for legal formalities.