James Kent, a renowned and influential chef in New York City, has sadly passed away at the age of 45. He was known for his exceptional talent and creativity in the culinary world. Kent was the mastermind behind a trio of successful restaurants located in the Financial District – Saga, Overstory, and Crown Shy, all housed in a historic building. His hospitality group was preparing for several new openings, including a restaurant at 360 Park Avenue South, inspired by his grandmother and childhood memories.

Kent’s unexpected death was announced on Saga’s Instagram page, leaving his family, colleagues, and fans devastated. He leaves behind his wife Kelly and two children, Gavin and Avery. The cause of his death is yet to be confirmed, and the culinary community mourns the loss of such a talented chef.

Despite his untimely passing, Kent’s legacy lives on through his culinary creations and the restaurants he built. His dedication to his craft was evident in the success of Crown Shy, Overstory, and Saga, all of which received critical acclaim and Michelin stars. Kent’s commitment to his staff during the pandemic, supporting them financially and providing meals to those in need, showcased his compassion and generosity.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Kent was a family man who cherished spending time with his loved ones. He spoke about the importance of work-life balance and mental health in the hospitality industry, advocating for a healthy lifestyle. Kent’s journey from a young cook to an accomplished chef and father is an inspiring tale of hard work and perseverance.

Throughout his career, Kent worked at esteemed restaurants like Nomad, Eleven Madison Park, Babbo, and Jean-Georges, honing his skills and refining his culinary style. His win at the Bocuse d’Or USA competition in 2010 and subsequent participation in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, highlighted his talent on the international stage.

As the culinary world mourns the loss of James Kent, his innovative spirit and passion for food will continue to inspire chefs and food enthusiasts around the globe. His dedication to creating unforgettable dining experiences and his impact on the industry will not be forgotten. In memory of James Kent, Crown Shy, Saga, and Overstory will be closed to honor his legacy on Father’s Day. Let us celebrate his life and the culinary legacy he leaves behind.