Miguel Borrego, a 23-year-old young man from Seville, has made history by winning the first jackpot of 111,000 euros on the program ‘Cifras y Letras’ on TVE’s La2. In an exciting final broadcast this Tuesday, May 21, Borrego defeated his rival, Carles Ferrando, in a duel that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Graduated in Basic and Experimental Biomedicine and with two master’s degrees under his belt, Borrego has been passionate about competitions since his childhood, when he dreamed of participating in ‘Cifras y Letras’. A fan of Eurovision and an enthusiast of board games and escape rooms, this young man from Seville faced the test of the ‘Grand Final’ with his motto “Always positive” as his flag, a phrase he wears on his association bracelet against childhood cancer.

The highlight of the program came when Borrego managed to form the required 12 words in just three minutes, thus surpassing Carles Ferrando and securing the coveted prize. The word ‘Calambur’ crowned him, becoming the key to his victory in a memorable duel.

This triumph not only marks a personal milestone for Borrego, but also a historic moment for the program, which after 27 seasons and a return in 2024 after a nine-year hiatus, delivers its first pot with the help of its presenter Aitor Albizu, and the experts Elena Herraiz and David Calle.

The excitement of the night was reflected in the public’s reaction and in the consolidation of the program in the access prime time slot, where it has experienced a notable increase in audience.

The renewed ‘Cifras y Letras’, with an average screen share of 3.3% and peaks that have exceeded 4%, has once again captured the interest of viewers.

The victory of Miguel Borrego, a contestant whose story and perseverance have touched many, represents a new chapter in the show’s continued success.