We are more than used to hearing the well-known phrase: love has no age. For this reason, the most romantic program on television, First Dates, tries to demonstrate day after day that within its four walls there is enough room for all types of diners willing to open their hearts, regardless of their age.

One of the first single women to cross the restaurant’s doors was Rosa, an 81-year-old woman from Extremadura who considered herself a very fun person. She wanted to find a travel companion so she wouldn’t be alone. ”I like serious and educated men,” she stressed. Two of her great hobbies were traveling and dancing, so she needed a man capable of keeping up with her pace of life.

His date was José, an 83-year-old bachelor from Extremadura who claimed to be in top shape. ”If I need to take a career, I’ll do it,” he declared. However, the bachelor was not what Rosa expected to find in the love program. ”He Physically he’s not my type, so I’m going to lie. “He doesn’t care for me,” she said.

For his part, José had not had a great impression either: ”Neither fu nor fa. “Normal.” After discovering their places of residence, the presenter accompanied the couple to their table, where they began the evening talking about their marriages. Rosa said that she was with her husband for 40 years and that she had two daughters. But what the woman from Extremadura did not expect was to find out about the great sexual activity that her date had had. ”I have been married for 49 years and have thirteen children.” ”My mother, thirteen children. You haven’t wasted your time. They look like the apostles,” Rosa declared.

At one point during the evening, the single woman noticed a curious gesture from the bachelor, causing her total indignation. And while José recounted his preferences when starting a relationship, he wiped his mouth with his hands. A gesture that was repeated on several occasions and that Rosa did not overlook. ”He hasn’t taken the napkin to wipe himself. It’s not that she is very fine, but… ”, she declared.

Moments later, Cuatro’s restaurant became a dance floor, where singles demonstrated their skills to the rhythm of the well-known song Samba do Brasil. However, not all diners have great ease on the dance floor. ”Dancing doesn’t dance well, that’s not dancing,” the single woman asserted about José.

In the final stretch of dinner, Rosa confessed that she wanted to find a partner to live with and that she was a very loving person. ”I’m always on top, giving you a caress, a kiss, grabbing you from behind and kissing you on the neck,” he commented. ”I wouldn’t like to be caught from behind or in front,” she said. Despite the bachelor’s attempts to try to make his date afloat, Rosa rejected José in the final decision because “he wasn’t his type.”